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Conservative Solutions FOR the Issues that Matter

From Water, to Lands, to Education, Republican Jordan Hess has common sense solutions that involve smaller government and bigger personal freedoms.

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Water is the lifeblood of growth, which is a pressing challenge facing Utah’s entire 2nd District. Jordan knows we can’t solve today’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions. Innovators are pursuing water-conservation advances that will make Utah’s drinking, recreational, and agricultural water go further than most of us can even imagine. Jordan is committed to keeping government out of the way so innovators can succeed in making life better for us all. He also supports the Utah’s Legislature’s effort to preserve the Great Salt Lake. In Congress, Jordan will support the effort to build and maintain an innovative water reuse system in Washington County.


Jordan will fight to maintain and expand agricultural and recreational access to our public lands. In most cases, state and local governments do a better job of managing land than the federal government does. It doesn’t make sense that a large majority of the land in Utah’s 2nd District continues to be owned by the federal government. Utah’s 2nd District is home to national parks, national forests, and hundreds of thousands of acres of BLM land. There are areas that warrant protection. But building a city park on barren land in Washington County should not require the approval of multiple federal agencies. In Congress, Jordan will advocate to protect land that should be protected. He will fight presidential abuse of Article II authority to designate land. And he will work to free up land that has no need of federal protection.


Reduce Spending & Inflation.
Build a strong Economy

No greater risk exists – to national security and our children’s future – than the federal debt. Jordan would have voted against the recent debt ceiling compromise that blew the spending caps yet again. The national debt we are leaving to future generations became immoral a long time ago. The interest on our debt will soon become the single largest item in the federal budget. This staggering waste of American resources is the result of unlimited borrowing to finance new government programs. In recent years, excessive federal spending has exacerbated inflation, straining the household budgets of everyday Utahns. To reduce inflation and strengthen the economy, we must get our nation’s spending under control and reduce burdensome government regulations that strangle businesses. In Congress, Jordan will fight the chilling effect that overregulation, economic shutdowns, and inflation have on the economy.

Border Security

Jordan recently visited the border and witnessed firsthand the disaster caused by Biden’s open border policies. Our nation’s failed immigration policies have created a humanitarian crisis and a national security risk. The Constitution gives Congress power to regulate immigration. Congress must act to strengthen our border security through physical barriers including a wall, modern technology, and support for our border patrol agents and law enforcement officers. Congress must fix our immigration system, welcoming those who want to come here legally to work and pay taxes while ending incentives and loopholes that encourage people to come here illegally. Our Customs and Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed, overworked, and must be given the resources to enforce immigration laws.



In Congress, Jordan will support legislation that empowers states, local districts, and parents while stripping the United States Department of Education of its power – power it uses to inappropriately dictate what and how the children of Utah’s 2nd District are taught. Washington DC special interest groups and bureaucrats have an outsized influence on our children’s values. Children must be educated, not indoctrinated. Curriculum, standards, and testing should be decided and implemented at a state and local level, not in Washington DC.

Federalism & Election INtegrity

Jordan strongly believes that many issues are best handled and solved by the states. States are best positioned to handle their elections and ensure they are fair and secure. Jordan will oppose the Democrats attempts at a federal takeover of elections. He will stand against their threats to abolish the Electoral College. Additionally, before casting a vote in Congress, Jordan will first ask himself: “Does Article I of the Constitution grant Congress authority on this issue?”, “Does this vote take power from, or give power to, the people?”, and “Can our nation afford the price tag of this policy?”.

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Jordan holds a concealed carry permit and is a legal gun owner. The Second Amendment is a vital part of the Bill of Rights. In Congress, Jordan will oppose legislation that infringes on the Second Amendment. 

Protect LIfe

Jordan is unapologetically pro-life. He has participated in the annual March for Life five times. As a policy advisor, Jordan worked on legislation to protect babies who are capable of feeling the pain of abortion. While working in the United States Senate, Jordan drafted a Senate Resolution recognizing and thanking Pregnancy Resource Centers for the work they do to encourage life and care for new mothers and their babies. Jordan commends the Supreme Court for ending 50 years of extreme judicial overreach and overturning Roe v. Wade, which was never constitutional. He will oppose federal legislation aimed at legalizing abortion and will oppose any federal taxpayer funding of abortion.

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National Security

Utah’s 2nd District is home to some of our nation’s most important defense installations, including Dugway Proving Ground, the Tooele Army Depot, and the Utah Test and Training Range. It’s also home to dozens of aerospace and defense companies. Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to provide for the common defense and raise and support an army. As your representative in Congress, Jordan will support the men and women who work to defend our national security. He’ll make sure Utah’s defense industrial base remains strong so that our nation can face down rising threats. 

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