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A Lifetime of Consistent Conservative Policy: A Letter to District 2 Delegates

Jordan in Southern Utah with logo and

Dear District 2 Neighbor,

Utah’s 2nd district is full of salt-of-the-earth, conservative people. I was born and raised here. I live here today. This is where I learned to embrace the conservative values that have shaped me in every way.

When I say I’m conservative, I’m not rewriting history. I’ve been a consistent conservative throughout my life. And my professional work as a conservative policy innovator reflects that.

I’ve spent my career crafting bold and innovative policy solutions for the brightest conservative minds in America today, for a nationally recognized conservative think tank, for conservative states around the country, and for conservative communities in Utah’s 2nd district.

I’m prepared to do the same as your representative in Congress. I’ll walk in with viable conservative policy solutions on Day One.

One of my top priorities in Congress will be addressing out-of-control spending with common-sense policies. As Utahns, we are fed up with a federal government that does not operate within its means. The interest on our debt will soon become the single largest item in the federal budget. This staggering waste of American resources is senseless and unsustainable.

The national debt we’re leaving to future generations became immoral a long time ago. There’s no greater risk to our children’s future — and to national security – than the debt.

That’s why I would have voted against the recent debt ceiling compromise that blew the spending caps yet again. I recognize that conservatives cannot get everything we want when we don’t have either the Senate or the Presidency, but returning spending to pre-covid levels (hardly a frugal compromise!) should be the starting place of negotiation. As your representative, I’ll work with conservative coalitions in Congress to return federal spending to pre-covid levels. And when that is achieved, I’ll continue to push for more responsible fiscal policies.

Like you, I’m a fiscal conservative. I will represent your fiscal values in Congress.

I'm Jordan Hess. I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to earn your vote. And I hope to see you at a delegate meeting before convention.

Please contact me anytime!





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