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UTah's CD2 


THrough & Through

Jordan Hess was born and raised in Davis County. He now lives and works in Washington County. He knows the District from north to south and looks forward to representing the people he knows, loves, and admires.

Conservative Policy Innovator

Jordan Hess has crafted bold and innovative policies for conservative US Senators, a nationally recognized think tank, states around the country, and communities in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. He’s prepared to get to work on Day One in Congress.


Jordan Hess is passionate about passing the torch of conservatism to the next generation. Our young people need conservative leaders they can relate to. As a Congressman, Jordan will continue to rally young people to the values that made this country great.

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I’m proud to endorse Jordan Hess for Congress. Jordan is the candidate I trust to exercise fiscal restraint in Congress...

Jordan will bring the conservative message to younger generations, ensuring Utah stays red for decades to come. He has created policies for some of the staunchest conservatives in Washington. He can hit the ground running, build coalitions, and deliver results for Utah....

John “Frugal” Dougall

Utah State Auditor

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