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John “Frugal” Dougall, State Auditor, Endorses Jordan Hess

I’m proud to endorse Jordan Hess for Congress. Jordan is the candidate I trust to exercise fiscal restraint in Congress. Jordan is leading a new generation of leaders to fiscal conservatism. Decades of excess spending and misguided central planning in Congress have left generations of Americans behind. Too many young Americans rightly feel the “game is rigged” against them, embracing economic theories my generation assumed were left in the ash heap of history. Jordan will champion fiscal responsibility because his generation will literally be forced to pay the bill for past generations of reckless spending.

Picture of John Dougall , Utah State Auditor
John “Frugal” Dougall, Utah State Auditor

Jordan will bring the conservative message to younger generations, ensuring Utah stays red for decades to come. He has created policies for some of the staunchest conservatives in Washington. He can hit the ground running, build coalitions, and deliver results for Utah. Jordan has ties throughout the District – from the snow-capped Wasatch Front, across its rural counties, to the red rock south. Now is the time our federal delegation has a representative from Utah’s southwest. I’ve known Jordan for more than a decade. I know his work ethic and his conservative credentials. I ask for your support and vote to send Jordan Hess to Congress to represent Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. John “Frugal” Dougall Utah State Auditor


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